Visualize Your Highest Self: How to Begin

Learning to visualize your highest self is one of the biggest trends of self care and self love in 2022. But many people are unsure of where and how to begin the process of visualizing. Or, even what it means to visualize your highest self. Let’s learn more!

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What Does It Mean to Visualize Your Highest Self?

Your highest self is the part of you that is eternal, unchangeable, and real.

When you visualize your highest self, you boost your self-confidence and deepen your mindset about positivity and acceptance of self and others. You become grounded to the realness of you.

Your highest self is a place of peace and contentment. It’s a place of calm and resilience. A place of strength and compassion. You learn to live a truly peaceful life when you connect with your highest self.

Learning to visualize your highest self will help you learn to protect your peace of mind and energy.

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Some of the most valuable character traits we can possess are confidence and self-love. However, these traits do not align with ego. They must align with honesty, compassion, acceptance, and a deep connection with your soul. Some people consider the soul to represent your highest self.

Visualizing your highest self is NOT a place of ego. It’s a place of realness and authenticity. Make sure you understand the difference.

Additionally, you can check out 29 Find Your Path Quotes for inspiration about finding strength, wisdom, and joy in the process of becoming your highest self.

How to Begin

There are many strategies you can use to visualize your highest self. Let’s briefly explore a few.

Guided Meditation

My favorite meditation for visualizing your highest self is from Karen Wang. It is a 10-minute guided meditation that takes you through a series of relaxation techniques toward acceptance and visualization of your best self. She encourages you to think about colors, shapes, awareness, gratitude, aspirations, acceptance, love, and more. As with most guided meditations, she takes you to a space that is safe, peaceful, and protected. Where you can be your highest self. Where you can meet your best self. Is that your soul?

You can access Karen’s Visualizing Your Higher Self Meditation here.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be found just about everywhere today. Of course, there are daily affirmation books based on religious, spirituality, and many other beliefs. I have some favorites, but I also love to go straight to Pinterest and search for positive affirmations that apply to what I am feeling at the moment. What do I need to connect with my highest self?

I have put together articles for affirmations for good sleep and affirmations for self love. I’ve come to strongly believe in the power of affirmations and often write my own based on my personal and private needs. You can, too!

Did you know your brain will start to believe what you tell it if you say it enough? Positive affirmations are not just a ploy to sell a book or concept. There are scientific studies that prove your brain is flexible and can be trained in certain beliefs. It’s a fascinating organ that functions with elasticity that allows us to change, adapt and reorganize.  Visualizing your highest self allows your brain to connect with your soul to reach a place of peace and contentment.

Some of my favorite Highest Self Daily Affirmations are:

I will show up as my true self today and everyday.

I am at peace with myself and my circumstances. I am grateful for what I have in my life.

I am calm and centered today. I feel the beauty and wonder in all things around me.

I set boundaries with compassion, wisdom, and grace.

I am aligned with my highest self today and always.

~ Susan Ballinger

Understanding Your Highest Self

To clarify, it may be helpful to consider these terms if you find yourself still questioning the meaning of your highest self. These are some of the common terms that capture of meaning of your highest self:

  • Inner Wisdom
  • Authentic Self
  • Spiritual Self
  • Soul
  • Essence
  • Eternal Self
  • Divine Self
  • Intuition
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For more information, I suggest you click here to read an article by Cindy Wigglesworth. She explains how to “hear” your highest self.

Highest Self Yoga

Yoga is a practice that connects your physical being with your spiritual being. Highest Self Yoga practitioners specialize in helping you visualize your highest self through the practice of yoga. The practice helps to sharpen your insight and intuition, and activate the heart-mind connection. Yoga awakens your energy flow and enhance your inner wisdom.

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Many Parks and Recreation programs in local communities offer yoga classes. For those who experience challenges with joints and movement, you can often find aqua yoga classes offered in warm-water pools.

I talk more about aqua yoga and self-care in my journey toward improving and staying healthy after 60.

Highest Self Quotes

Highest self quotes can be anything that resonates with you and helps you feel connected to your inner place of confidence and contentment. Again, not a place of ego. Ego has no place in the world of visualizing your highest self. These are some of my favorite inspirational quotes for helping to visualize your highest self.

Visualize your highest self and start showing up as her. Every. Single. Day.

~ Unknown

Always take time to make your soul happy.

~ Unknown
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Connect with Nature

Another good way to visualize your highest self is taking time to connect with nature. Go for a walk. Get outside. Spend time by yourself – feel your emotions, awaken your spirit, breath the fresh air, clear your mind. Be mindful of your surroundings and enjoy every sight, sound, and smell.

Take a stroll with a loved one. Feel the energy and joy flow between you. Let your intuition guide your conversation – or even your silence. Feel the connections of your spirits. Let yourself be grateful to the fullest extent.

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Final Thoughts: Visualize Your Highest Self

These are just simple, beginning steps about learning to visualize your highest self. We all have to start somewhere, right? And it’s a beginning step toward improving self-care and self-love practices that help you reach your truest and authentic potential.

Additionally, self-love is the highest form of love you can give to those around you. Remember, you cannot be your BEST self for those you love unless you are taking care of yourself! And that’s the beginning of learning to visualize your highest (and best) self!

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Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to visualize your highest self. You deserve to connect with your authentic self so you can reach your highest potential of happiness!

Love to ALL! ~Susan

P.S. After you have connected with your authentic self and are ready to make changes in your lifestyle, read about how to bring more cozy into your life and live a life like they do in Denmark — the happiest place in the world!

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  1. It’s very important to find peace and calm in this chaotic world and as I am growing older, I have started focusing more on this aspect . I’m definitely going to follow the tips that you have shared in this post, thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree, it becomes even more important to find inner peace as we get older. I’m glad you found my words helpful! xoxo

  2. Very powerful and important post! Thank you for sharing. Visualizing your highest self is so critical for creating the life you want. You are probably already familiar with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, but if not… you’ll love it. It’s been one of my favorite books since I was 17. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I am familiar with The Secret but haven’t read it yet. I just ordered it from Amazon! Can’t wait to get it! xoxo

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