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Hi there! Welcome to Sassy Sister Stuff! My name is Susan and I have lived in Southern Maryland my whole life. Now that I’m retired from a 30+ year career in education, I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts about life and continue to create meaningful connections with others. Thus, Sassy Sister Stuff was born! I hope we can build an online community where we support and inspire each other on our journey through life. I’m so glad you’re here and would love to hear from you!

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About Susan, the Blogger

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I am always seeking ways to learn how to better BALANCE everything in my life and create a happy life for my family.  I hope by creating this blog, we can all learn from each other and over time develop a community of friends who encourage and uplift each other, celebrate each other, and learn how to manage life just a little better.  We can stay connected here (when I figure out all the fancy workings of this thing called a blog) and/or on social media (you can click any of the social media icons to connect there, as well.) I want to hear about your special talents, knowledge, experiences, interests, and challenges. Together, we can support each other!   

Upon research and reflection, I learned there are plenty of lifestyle blogging communities out there for younger ladies… but far fewer lifestyle blogs for ladies who are a little older.  You know, the age group that does not want to be called seniors yet, but they are not youngsters either!  Yep!  That’s me!  We have different lifestyles than younger ladies. We have our own unique set of issues to deal with everyday – but we also have EXPERIENCE!  And, here is a place we can put our experience to good use to help others.  I would genuinely appreciate feedback and sharing in the Sassy Sister Stuff community!   

Thank you so much for visiting and taking a look around.  We are all navigating this thing called LIFE together so let’s support each other.  

Love to ALL! ~ Susan

About Sassy Sister Stuff

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I chose shades of purple for my website theme colors because purple was my mom’s favorite color. She has been gone for 8 years now and it’s a little way that I keep her in my heart.

What kind of name is that?

Once upon a time, there were six adult women who lived hectic, crazy lifestyles – working, raising children, and training husbands. They lived in a rural neighborhood of families where everyone frequently gathered together for special occasions and holidays. And, these six ladies became close friends who learned to rely on each other for balance in their lives. 

Twenty years passed and these six friends continued to celebrate happy occasions, mourn sad occasions, and support each other every step of the way – even though some moved out of the neighborhood and had significant changes in their lifestyles. But, these six ladies remained close friends! 

As time passed, the geographical distance between these friends changed but their hearts remained the same. They began to schedule special days together to celebrate their birthdays – that guaranteed them six days a year to gather and spend time celebrating friendship and love.  It provided a small sense of balance and self-care.  These six ladies have continued this tradition for over 15 years! 

The birthday girl always gets to choose how the friends spend the day together.  Most often, they share a meal and shop for hours. But more importantly, they catch up on life and families – talking, laughing, crying, consoling, reasoning, supporting, advising – you can probably imagine. These six friends have been through a lot together!

As the ladies grew up, they decided they needed a name for their group! They took a vote and and the six friends became the Sassy Sisters! 

six female friends standing around a christmas tree

Have you guessed where this story is heading?

As you might imagine, I am one of the Sassy Sisters and the picture above was taken at our December 2019 birthday celebration!  We named our group about twelve years ago.  Today we are all in our fifties and sixties and we cherish our friendships – and we help keep each other balanced and sane!  Our children are adults now and some of us have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are not biological sisters but we are connected by HEART!  Little has changed in our love and care for each other, but we now call ourselves “girls” – because “ladies” sounds so old! 

My sassy sisters have a variety of thoughts, opinions, and expertise about all kinds of STUFF and we share freely without objection – thus, Sassy Sister Stuff seemed a great name for my lifestyle blog! My sassy sisters inspired me! I love you, friends! 

So you see, my sassy sister story is an important part of an “About Sassy Sister Stuff” page 🙂

My Mission & VISION

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There is much to see on these pages. So take your time, look around, and enjoy! My goal is to share, support, and inspire you to live your BEST life of passion, positivity, and purpose with an emphasis on personal growth and development, happiness, self care, and mindset.  My vision is to provide a shared community of positive interactions, friendships,  and words of wisdom. If there is something you would like to see or share, please let me know! Meanwhile, I’ll be sending you wishes for sunshine and smiles everyday!

grandma and granddaughter dressed in yellow smiling at the camera

My granddaughter – Kaylie – and me celebrating my birthday in 2014. When Kaylie was a baby, I would often sing “You Are My Sunshine” to her and it became our “special song.” This picture of us is a great reflection of the SUNSHINE she has brought into my life for 13+ years.  I am truly blessed. She inspires me to focus on SUNSHINE and SMILES!

About my other half

My husband, David, and I met in 1978 when we were in college. Yes, we were college sweethearts! Isn’t that sweet? All the girls in my dorm at the University of Maryland LOVED this man! He became a regular fixture on our hallway!

On Valentine’s Day 1980, David proposed to me in my dorm room with all the girls waiting excitedly outside my door (unbeknownst to me, but they suspected). He wrapped the engagement ring in multiple boxes inside each other and I opened each one to find NOTHING until the smallest one of all! It contained a beautiful solitaire engagement ring, and YES, he got on one knee! We got married in 1981.

It hasn’t always been easy, but we are still rocking life together 43 years later! We’ve had two kids, purchased three homes, lost two of our parents too soon, worked multiple jobs, had three grandchildren, and now take care of each other in our “old age!” I was an general education teacher, special educator, and school administrator during my 30+ years in education. He was an electrical contractor and now heads the electrical and electronics division of a local school system.

just married man and woman walking down the aisle
man and woman standing in front of a fire place at Christmas time
man and woman standing at an overlook in front of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska
man and woman standing on a bridge overlooking the Caribbean sea with a cruise ship in the background

We’ve had some of our most fun adventures travelling from Alaska to Maine and California to the Carribbean. But we had been married for 25 years before we ever took a vacation alone! We are lucky to have lived close enough to our children and grandchildren that we spent most of our time with them. Now everyone is growing up too quickly!

Once the pandemic is over, we plan to travel again. We are most looking forward to another trip to Alaska! We’ve been twice and absolutely LOVE everything we’ve seen so far, but there is so much more to see!

man and woman kissing with portland light house in the background
man and woman standing in front of Magic Kingdom at Disney World at Christmas time
man and woman attend a country music concert wearing western hats

About my career in education

You will note that I occasionally write about education and parenting on this blog. Since 1981, I have been extensively involved in the world of education and child/family advocacy. I am passionate about trying to help parents understand the educational process and current laws so they can make the best educational decisions for their children.

This is why my career is important to the About Sassy Sister Stuff page of this website.

I taught General Education, Grades 1-4 for ten years. During this time, I participated in curriculum development for the district and at the school level in the areas of Reading and Social Studies. I primarily worked with special education and at-risk students in a disadvantaged community where I worked closely with parents to provide them with the resources they needed to advocate for their children.

For the next ten years, I taught Special Education, Grades K-5. I also earned my National Board Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist Ages PreK-Adult. I began working in Professional Development, teaching educators about Special Education Laws. During this time, I worked on research projects with several universities and was a guest speaker at community events and a guest lecturer for college classes.

student with a big smile on his face surrounded by books

I advocated for students and helped parents gain resources for their children. I became certified in more than a dozen researched-based reading programs and taught teachers how to use the programs with their at-risk students. And I helped write multiple curriculums and programs for Special Education.

And for the final nine years of my career, I was a school administrator in charge of the Special Education and at-risk student population. I continued to advocate for students and work with families in the community who needed assistance with educational resources and programs.

Thus, when I am able to help students and families with a current educational issue, I will write posts that may not fit neatly into my usual content topics here on my blog. But education has been a passion of mine for 40 years and it’s an integral part of my soul at this point.

I want to help when I can. And I will continue to do so.

You can find these posts under EDUCATION:

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I’m glad you’re here! Do you ever feel like your brain is scattered all over the place? My brain never shuts down! Thus, I am always striving to find calm in the chaos of life.

Since writing has always been a great source of calm for me, I started this lifestyle blog hoping to share, support, and inspire others to slow down and enjoy their journey of life. You’ll find information about self-care, adventure, inspirational messages, parenting, education, and more. I hope my words bring you sunshine & smiles and help you live your best life of passion, positivity, and purpose!

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