Achieving Happiness Isn’t as Hard As You Might Think

Achieving happiness isn’t as hard as you might think. It requires a shift in attitude and mindset, as well as some changes in daily habits. It’s very possible to find happiness even during challenging times.

It will require commitment and dedication to making some changes, but you can do it if happiness is truly important to you.

Of course, there are situations that cause grief and sadness, as well as life circumstances that don’t always make things easy for people. But over time, you can overcome those situations. And you can learn how to begin the process here.

READ ON for tips and strategies to help you achieve happiness and change your life for the better!

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Achieving Happiness Isn’t as Hard As You Might Think

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What Factors Are Important in Achieving Happiness

Aristotle’s most influential works suggests the central purpose of human life is happiness. There are many factors to consider when trying to achieve happiness in life so let’s find out how to become happier human beings.

Two Simple Things to Help You Achieve Happiness

Only you can determine specifically what brings you happiness, but there are two simple things that can certainly bring you more happiness or change your degree of happiness.

  1. Spend time with people who make you SMILE and feel good. Don’t waste your time on people who bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself.
  2. Create a comfy physical environment at home and work that promotes a feeling of joy around you. Decorate with your favorite colors, photos, aromas, blankets, music, books, etc.

Start with these two changes and work toward other changes that will promote your happiness.

You Don’t Have To Live Life According to a Plan

Many people love a good plan and a good task list. But at some point, plans and lists can interfere with life! Life is about living, not planning.

Understand that life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes you have to divert from your original plan. While it’s important to have a plan, sometimes it’s also important to be able to change your plan and be flexible for your own happiness.

Don’t let a change in plans cause you to give up or come to a complete STOP. Just change your plan!

a very happy woman smiles at the camera with headphones a towel and water bottle after exercising
Happiness must include time for doing things you love in life.

Do Things You Love

Happiness includes doing things you LOVE. Whatever that is, be sure to plan time for it regularly. Get outside. Listen to your favorite music. Read a book. Make jewelry. Write a book. Take a bubble bath. Design. Create. Relax. Walk. Exercise. Do what you LOVE!

Mindset Shifts That Can Help You Achieve Happiness

Have you ever considered how much a healthy mindset impacts your happiness? Sometimes you need to change your mindset to achieve happiness. Especially if you are struggling with something, such as productivity or positivity.

Research indicates a mindset shift can help you achieve happiness because it helps you make necessary changes in your life. A mindset of productivity and positivity will help lead you toward greater satisfaction and happiness.

Whether you want to wake up earlier or just learn to accept who are you, change starts with your mindset. First, you have to recognize that there is something you want to fix or change. This is a first step toward living an intentional lifestyle to achieve happiness.

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Developing Optimism

Did you know optimistic people tend to be happier than pessimistic people? Some studies show it might even help you live longer!

a highway sign that says welcome to optimism
An optimistic mindset is an important element of a finding happiness.

However, optimism can be hereditary and/or situational, so you might need to develop optimism if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Try these TIPS for developing optimism. It will help improve your coping strategies and resilience, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve your self-confidence, all of which lead to you achieving happiness.

  1. Focus on what’s going well. At the end of each day, write down three things that went well that day.
  2. Practice gratitude. Use a Daily Gratitude Journal to write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning.
  3. Look for the benefits of negative experiences. For challenging experiences, make a list of what you learned and how you grew from that experience.
  4. Visualize your higher self. Stop and visualize your life the way you want it to be several times a day. Your brain will start to believe it will happen.
  5. Build yourself up. Remind yourself often about your wonderful personality traits, talents, and gifts.
  6. Surround yourself with people who value you. Don’t waste your energy with people who bring you down.

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Is Happiness Always Achieving What We Want?

This question should be a rhetorical question. (That means a question that can’t really be answered.)

As adults, we should know we can’t always get what we want.

But what we can get is a life that is filled with gratitude for what we have. And we can have hope for what we are working toward achieving.

That requires most everything we’re addressing in this article.

  1. a positive attitude and mindset
  2. making some changes around us that will make us SMILE
  3. accepting that we can’t always get what we want, but knowing we can be grateful for what we have
  4. remembering what’s really important in LIFE
  5. consistently working hard in body, mind, and spirit to achieve happiness
  6. maintaining a sense of reality and being willing to compromise
a happy woman stretches in the sunlight in a field
Developing an attitude of gratitude is essential for a happy life.

It’s critically important to fully understand all the various components for achieving happiness rather than setting a far-reaching goal and neglecting to be willing to compromise on the outcome.

Otherwise, achieving real happiness may be difficult.

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What Factors are Important for Happiness

There are a variety of responses that could apply to this question, but most of them fall into these 5 categories.

  1. Social Relationships and Networks: People need social interactions to some degree. Regardless of personality-type (introvert, extrovert, etc), people are born to innately function in some kind of social circle. Relationships with friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and/or others are important. Happy people have positive social relationships even if they are minimal.
  2. Temperament, Adaptability, and Behavior: Learning how to adapt to changes and circumstances in your life will impact your overall happiness. You cannot control everything around you. Therefore, accepting what you cannot control will serve you well. A gentle temperament with proper mood regulation and an interest in new experiences will also promote a sense of happiness. It will also help you live a more content and peaceful life.
  3. Mindset and Thinking Style: A positive mindset and flexible thinking will help you achieve happiness in life, as well. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things with a positive mindset. View the world from the perspective of goodness. Wake up each morning with a feeling of gratitude for all good things in your life.
  4. Self Care and Wellness: A focus on your self care and wellness, as well as that of your loved ones, will help you live a happier life. A healthy balance of proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, adventure, fun, hobbies, etc will promote happiness for you and your family.
  5. Employment and Financial Security: While most of us would like to have more money for the extras in life, we really only need enough to provide for our basic needs and care. Steady employment and financial security is an important part of happiness. But this should not be confused with an attitude that we always need more and better.

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a happiness web with components of achieving happiness
There are many, many factors in achieving HAPPINESS in life.

How to Achieve Happiness Articles

These are three of my favorite resources for personal growth and development. Each website has a great article about HAPPINESS. You may find additional information that speaks to you about achieving happiness! I am particularly fond of the resources that have been developed by the experts in the field of positive psychology.

Cultivating Happiness | Help Guide | HelpGuide is a small independent nonprofit that runs one of the world’s top 10 mental health websites. Over 50 million people from all around the world turn to HelpGuide each year for trustworthy content they can use to improve their mental health and make healthy changes.

How to Achieve Happiness and Life Satisfaction in 5 Amazing Steps | Psychreg | Psyhcreg is an online psychology magazine that publishes articles and stories about mental health. They also offer useful resources for readers in the areas of psychology, mental health, and wellness. We’re proud of our role in providing relevant resources in psychology, mental health, and wellness. 

What is Happiness and Why is it Important? | Positive Psychology | We’re a team of 15 expert and committed researchers and practitioners who keep up with the latest research so that you don’t have to. We’re constantly developing high-quality positive psychology training resources just for you, so that you’ll have a broad range of expert materials at your fingertips to use every day.

a happy family of four laughing together
Books and articles about happiness can help you cultivate a happy life.

Daily Happiness

You can start making small changes in your life by focusing on your daily habits. Life changes can be difficult, so set small goals. Start with daily happiness and a long term goal of lifelong happiness.

Wake Up To A Routine Everyday

I’m the first to admit I am NOT a morning person. But I know waking up to a daily routine with a plan for the day is a more productive way to start each day. And productive behaviors and accomplishments corelate to happiness!

So, however you start your day, or whatever time you wake up, have a plan in place for accomplishing something. Anything.

Wake up with gratitude and do whatever works to get you moving. This will help you work toward achieving happiness.

You Don’t Have to do Everything at Once

Let’s revisit the ideas of plans and lists that we discussed earlier. We said you need to be flexible and able to make adjustments, as necessary.

But there is something else that you need to learn about making plans and lists. The truth is it’s very easy for your plans to become unrealistic.

When you create a plan for the next day, it’s easy to overbook your day. It’s easy to become overly ambitious and want to get a LOT done. Then your list becomes very long.

Realistically, even Superman or Superwoman could not complete your plan or list in one day! Heck, they would unlikely be able to get it all done in a week!

This kind of plan only leads to you feeling disappointed and unaccomplished and does not align with happiness.

So be sure to make lists that are realistic, keeping your schedule in mind, as well as time to rest. Make your plans achievable so there are no unfinished tasks at the end of the day.

Additionally, develop a mindset that your plans and lists do not determine your worth. Otherwise, it’s going to be very hard to maintain a positive mindset for happiness.

THINK ABOUT: Self worth is NOT defined by how much you do each day and how many things you can cross off of your list.

a note that says life is what you make it laying in some green leaves
Live is what you make it!

Breaks are Important and Rest is Okay!

For some people, it’s very difficult to develop a mindset that rest is okay. Historically, as a society, we value progress and accomplishment. Sometimes we are trained to work, work, work. And our self-worth is dependent on how much we accomplish.

But it’s essential to take breaks and rest! Nowadays, we know that rest and relaxation produce happier, healthier humans!

Once you are able to understand the importance of taking a break, the rest of your life becomes so much better and you stand a better change of achieving happiness.


Happiness: How to Achieve It

There are many different ways to achieve happiness, but there are some common elements that will help. And again, a lot of it starts and begins with mindset.

Recognize What You Have Control Over (And What You Don’t)

Are you a control freak? If so, you may find it difficult to find happiness.

Unless you change your mindset and give up some of your control issues, you’ll find yourself always in turmoil and conflict.

Let go of the fear of losing control and life will become much easier for you. You will learn to accept that you can’t control everything in life.

Once you are able to change your mindset and let go of your control issues, you can live your life with the intention of achieving happiness. But those control issues have to GO, GO, GO.

Stop Living in the Past (Let Go)

It’s important to let go of the past if you want to be happy in the future.

Often we get caught up in anger or resentment that holds us back and prevents us from being happy. Let go of it.

Other times we hold on to jealousy and envy and allow it to steal our happiness. Let it go.

Sometimes we constantly over-analyze our past or use it as an excuse for our present. But that only diminishes our happiness today.

So unless thinking and living in the past is giving you happiness in the future, LET GO OF IT.

three happy women scroll through a sunflower field
Spending time with friends doing things you love will help improve your happiness.

Think Positively

Finally, consider this very important mindset shift: Always remember that you are doing your best. And, that is enough!

Just keep trying to achieve happiness for you and your loved ones. Make the changes you can make… stay positive… express your gratitude… love yourself… shift your mindset… do things you love… and THINK HAPPY!

Besides, isn’t the journey as awesome as the outcome? Be happy for the journey, too!

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Is Pursing Happiness Better Than Achieving Happiness?

This question elicits dozens of related philosophical questions. A few of those questions are:

  1. Can pursuing happiness make you unhappy? My mother always said, “Why can’t you just be happy with whatever comes your way? You’ll never be happy if you’re always chasing dreams.”
  2. Why should you not pursue happiness to live a better life? Some people believe chasing happiness can actually diminish the quality of your life and cause unhappiness.
  3. Can achieving happiness become an obsession that negatively impacts your life? Some researchers believe that an obsession with happiness is actually a recipe for disappointment.
  4. How do you know when you have achieved ‘enough’ happiness? Again, my mother used to always say, “You’ll never be happy because there will always be some other dreams you’re chasing!”

I think the concept of pursuing happiness vs achieving happiness creates another rhetorical question.

Is pursuing happiness better than achieving happiness? Why or why not?

I don’t think there is a clear answer to this question. But I have opinions…

My Researched-Based Opinions

I think the ongoing pursuit of happiness that goes unsatisfied can trigger a person’s inner critic and create feelings of disappointment, inadequacy, and depression. What happens to a person’s mental state if the pursuit is never satisfied?


I think happiness is a powerful emotion that helps you continue to be your best and do your best. So when you believe you have achieved happiness, what else is left in life? What happens to that person’s mental health?

In my opinion, I think there are different answers to all of these questions, as well as the broader concept, for different people.

It comes down to a person’s mindset, self-confidence, overall satisfaction with life, gratitude, as well as other personality and character traits.

Thus, the tips and strategies discussed here today will be beneficial to someone who is always pursuing happiness, as well as someone who has achieved happiness. Both of those people need to develop coping strategies to deal with whatever circumstances they face.

Both kinds of people will face challenges if they have not developed coping strategies to deal with their particular circumstances and challenges. So whether you are seeking to achieve happiness, or feel that you have already achieved happiness, these tips and strategies will help you lead a more happy and successful life!

Hhhmmmm…. this is a very philosophical issue.

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How to Find Happiness within Yourself

If you want to live a happy life, you’ll need to know how to deal with both positive emotions and negative emotions. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people everyday, so you’ll need to understand happiness comes with difficult times, too.

Little things can make a big difference in your happiness level. Settling into your comfort zone and creating a safe place will help strengthen your feeling of happiness in your everyday life. Enjoying good times with family members on a regular basis will also help you find true happiness.

You can become a happier person if you negate unnecessary material things and focus on what brings you happiness on a deeper level. Remember, Aristotle says happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence so enjoy the small things that make you a happy person.

Live your life in the present moment and make a conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude about lifelong happiness. Practice mindfulness meditation that helps put you in an emotional state of bliss and joy.

Don’t forget to practice random acts of kindness. This is a great way to feel a sense of true happiness in your heart while also sharing good feelings and kindness with others. Be the best version of yourself by living with a sense of purpose and joy. Let your spirit shine in your daily life, not just on special occasions.

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a young dark haired happy woman lays in the grass with her hair on top of her head decorated with flowers
Happiness begins with learning to have inner peace and joy.

Final Thoughts about How to Be Happy

Finding happiness starts with your mindset.

We all need to develop an understanding that HAPPINESS is something we must work for, and work toward, at all times. It is not something that just happens because we get to do exactly what makes us happy ALL THE TIME.

Life does not work that way.

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s like a roller coaster.

We have experiences that make us happy, and then we have experiences that nearly destroy us, at times.

You’ve probably heard a quote similar to this… “Before you can enjoy the rainbow, you have to endure the storm.”

We have to remember that life is a journey of emotions and experiences that requires our body, mind, and spirit to constantly work together in achieving happiness and reaching our goals. Achieving happiness can be a journey not a destination.

So whether you are on your journey toward achieving happiness, or you think you’ve already achieved happiness, you will benefit from the tips and strategies addressed in this article.

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No one ever promised us a rose garden in life, so we have to make our own rose garden – and SMILE even if our rose garden looks like a field of wildflowers! Remember, mindset is everything, my friends!

Love to ALL! ~Susan

Achieving Happiness Isn’t as Hard as You Might Think

What steps are you taking toward achieving happiness? I would love to hear your thoughts about happiness. Please share in the comment section below:)

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