52+ Awesome Monday Affirmations to Start Your Week

For quite some time, I have been sharing powerful Monday Affirmations on my social media accounts. Personally, I use the affirmations as my weekly inspiration to focus on personal growth, happiness, and peace of mind.

So I’ve decided to put those Monday affirmations together to share with you — and I hope they inspire you as much as they do me. I keep them on sticky notes on the wall in front of my desk for daily inspiration.

You can use Monday affirmations to kickstart your week every single week for a year with 52+ positive affirmations! (There are some fun BONUS affirmations to test your humor.) You don’t need to dread Monday mornings anymore because these affirmations will help you recharge, reset, and refresh your mind for a healthy mindset all week!

a young happy woman gives two thumbs up after reading her monday affirmations for positivity
52+ Awesome Monday Affirmations to Start Your Week

Positive Monday Affirmations for a Great Week

Don’t let the Monday Blues trouble you! Get a fresh start every week with these positive affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you develop a positive mindset every day of the week. Affirmations are positive statements that help you train your subconscious brain to believe what’s important to you and know how to maintain positive energy.

You can use each Monday affirmation in your Monday morning routine and then recite it throughout the week. You’ll see that the words will give you a positive outcome for the rest of the week as your mind absorbs the value of the words.

a cuff sitting on the ground says today is gonna be a good day
Today is gonna be a good day!

Affirmations help you have limitless potential to be your best self today and everyday! Let’s get started with 52 Monday affirmations for a whole year!

  1. Great things are going to happen today and everyday of my life.
  2. I create and maintain positive thoughts that support my body, mind, and soul everyday.
  3. Good things come to me when I am positive and at peace with myself.
  4. Today and everyday I have a positive attitude toward myself and others.
  5. I embrace hard work because it empowers me to take control of my life.
  6. My daily routine supports my emotional, psychological, physical, social, and spiritual health.
  7. Each day is a new beginning for me to find new opportunities and amazing things.
  8. I can handle stressful situations because I have a positive mindset and resourceful attitude.
  9. I have many good qualities that make me proud in my everyday life.
  10. I am moving in the right direction and will be super productive today.
  11. I have a positive impact on the world because my creative energy is flowing.
  12. The present moment is my moment to shine in all my glory and grace.
  13. I begin with a clean slate and embrace new challenges.
  14. Positive thinking is my super power today and everyday.
  15. Awesome things are coming my way because I am worthy.
  16. I live my best life of pure love with those around me.
  17. I open the door of opportunity and confidently step through.
  18. I let go of any negative thoughts and empower myself to go forth with nothing but positive feelings.
  19. My comfort zone is the perfect place just for me.
  20. My positive words make people around me feel good everyday.
  21. I am in full control of my thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  22. I value positive changes in my life and embrace the new.
  23. I am worthy of love and give it freely.
  24. I wake up today feeling strong, confident, and empowered.
  25. As the sun rises, so does my energy.
  26. I approach this day with joy and excitement.
  27. Today is a gift, and I embrace it with positivity.
  28. I’m so incredibly grateful for a fresh start and a brand new week.
  29. I am ready and willing to receive all of the miracles and magic coming my way.
  30. I am capable and equipped to handle anything that comes my way today and everyday.
  31. I am equipped with all the tools I need to succeed and be happy in life.
  32. I follow my intuition and know that nothing is put before me that I can’t handle.
  33. As I move through this day and everyday, I pledge to spread my light wherever I go.
  34. Today and everyday, I choose faith over doubt and courage over fear.
  35. Everything I do today leads me to a better tomorrow.
  36. Every little step I take makes a big difference.
  37. I am extraordinarily capable of achieving everything I dream of and more.
  38. This day is filled with immense, boundless treasures for me to explore.
  39. I am a kind, loving, powerful force in the world.
  40. Today might not be perfect, but it will be beautiful.
  41. I am surrounded by love and support and I give love and support to those close to me.
  42. I choose to be happy and positive this week, the actions I take and words I choose are positive ones.
  43. As I look around me, I am grateful for all of the beauty in my world, and wonderful things in my life.
  44. I release any and all negative energy from the past and present and allow positive energy to flow into my life.
  45. Everything happens for a reason and I trust the process. I keep moving forward with faith.
  46. I take each day one step at a time and know small steps make big changes.
  47. I am a lifelong learner and always growing and evolving in my knowledge.
  48. I embrace the glorious mess that I am.
  49. I am patient, kind, and compassionate to everyone today and everyday.
  50. I am at the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
  51. I am healthy and whole — mind, body, and soul.
  52. I wake up with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.
a cheerful happy woman sitting on tall grasses peacefully after reciting her monday affirmations
Hello Monday! I’m gonna have a ridiculously amazing day today. Period.

Funny Monday Affirmations To Release Stress (BONUS)

Laughter is a great way to release stress and let go of negativity. I’ve included these funny Monday affirmations for those weeks when you really do not feel like doing your affirmations and you need a little chuckle to help you reset.

  1. Hello Monday! I’m gonna have a ridiculously amazing day today. Period.
  2. Trust me, when I woke up today, I had no plans to be awesome. But s#@^ happens.
  3. Let’s make it a good day, Monday! I’m gonna put on my positive pants!
  4. Today I’m gonna be a pineapple and stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.
  5. Dear Universe, I am totally open to some awesome coming my way today!
  6. Today awesome things will happen because I choose not to be a miserable cow.
  7. Okay Monday! Let’s do this!
  8. Good day, Monday! Today I’m gonna be happy just because it drives people crazy!
  9. I really have to stop trying to make everyone happy! After all, I’m not tequila!
  10. Whatever I do today, I will do for fun, but with ridiculous dedication and focus.
  11. Today I’m gonna reach for the stars… so at least I can air out my armpits.
  12. Today I will tell the negative voice inside my head to shut up.
  13. Yep, I sure do deserve sugar, spice, and all things nice!
  14. Hello again Monday! I am a Super Hero and my power is peace.
  15. Today I might take a nap if I get tired, but I won’t quit.

Be sure to change the day of the week for each day you use these funny affirmations:)

positive mind positive vibes positive life signs
Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.

Why Are Monday Affirmations Important?

Positive affirmations for Mondays are a great way to start your week on a positive note and help set your intentions for the week ahead.

Mondays are seen as a fresh start to the week ahead. Starting your week on the right foot can help you create a more positive outlook for the entire week.

Affirmations can help you focus on positive things and remind you that each day is a new day. Even if you had a bad day yesterday, it doesn’t have to ruin the days ahead.

Affirmations will help you shift your mindset for the rest of the week. That’s why Monday mornings are the perfect time to boost your motivation, focus, and positive spirit.

How to Use Monday Affirmations

On Sunday night, you should select an affirmation that speaks to you — one that resonates with how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your life. Write it on a sticky note so you can save it in a handy place and refer back to it everyday during the entire week.

This daily affirmation practice will help you feel more positive and in control in the days ahead. Ideally, you’ll repeat the affirmation aloud several times throughout each day.

You might even want to put your daily affirmation on several sticky notes in a variety of places. I used to put one on my desk at work, on my car dashboard, on my nightstand, on my bathroom mirror, and even in my purse!

The key to using positive affirmations effectively is to use them consistently. The more you recite them, the more quickly your subconscious mind will believe them.

a middle aged woman cheerfully looks up to the sky because she feels happy after reading her monday affirmations
Daily use of affirmations for a positive mindset can dramatically improve your life. Give it a try!

Final Thoughts about Monday Affirmations

Never feel a sense of dread on Monday mornings again! Use these Monday morning affirmations to create more positive thought patterns about the start of the week and transform your attitude.

Use your daily affirmations to delete all your negative emotions and make everyday a great day. Even during difficult times, you should be in control of your mindset and know there is a positive way to deal with problems.

Good luck with your Monday affirmations! Be sure to check out my Affirmation Monday on social media platforms each Monday for a new affirmation.

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Love to ALL! ~ Susan

Do You Use Monday Affirmations on a Regular Basis?

I would love to know what affirmations you find helpful in your daily affirmations. Please share in the comment section below:)

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