52 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Recharge & Renew in 2024

In the chaos of daily life, taking time for yourself might feel selfish, but neglecting self-care can lead to a myriad of health issues. So, let’s make sure we know the meaning of self-care because self care can mean different things to different people. We all have a variety of needs and desires that make us feel our BEST and help us be our BEST selves. Self-care is about intentionally meeting your needs, be it through sleep, nutrition, rest, or exercise, and it looks different for everyone. But Sundays are typically a quieter, less busy day that you can hopefully devote to some self-care. So it’s a good time to do what you need to feel your best. Don’t put yourself on the backburner because there’s not enough time.

in this article, we are going to dive into the importance of self-care, exploring why it’s not selfish — it’s essential for physical and mental health. We’ll learn about the eight key areas of self-care and discover 52 simple self care Sunday ideas that you can do any day, not just Sundays. Join us on this journey toward a happier, more balanced you, where self-care becomes a daily habit, and your loved ones thank you for it. 

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Key Takeaways

  • It’s important to recognize that self-care is not selfish but a necessary foundation for a happier, balanced life. It’s a crucial investment in your overall well-being.
  • Embrace the eight dimensions of self-care to foster a comprehensive and balanced self-care routine that addresses all eight pillars.
  • Shift the perspective on self-care from a Sunday ritual to an everyday necessity. Integrate self-care practices into your daily routine, emphasizing that consistent habits contribute to enhanced emotional health, reduced stress, and a more fulfilled life.

What is Self Care?

Self care is a personalized journey, a deliberate commitment to tending to your well-being. Whether it’s ensuring a good night’s sleep, nourishing your body with wholesome food, or engaging in regular exercise, self-care comes in many forms that are tailored to individual needs. It is, fundamentally, about carving out intentional time to cater to the unique requirements of your mind, body, and soul.

​And it does not just happen on Sundays. 

Many people find it difficult to take care of themselves because it can feel selfish. If you are one of those people, you need to get over it. You need to learn about the benefits of positive selfishness because a lack of self-care can cause many health and wellness issues.

Self care is about making time for yourself and meeting your unique needs. When you are considering what self care means to you, you should ask yourself if the activity will improve your physical, mental, or spiritual health in some way. If it does not, you should probably reconsider the activity because it could actually exhaust or stress you further.

To answer the question, What is self care?, we need to look at the intention. What do you need to do intentionally to take care of yourself and improve your wellbeing in some way? Self care is about doing things with intention that help take care of your needs.

Self care means you are doing what you need to do to maintain and enhance your own health. You are not sacrificing your health and wellbeing for the sake of others. Instead you are thinking about your own needs. YOU ARE NOT BEING SELFISH.


You need to intentionally plan time for your own self care rituals on a regular basis to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Self care Sunday is not just for Sundays! You need to practice self care rituals every single day!

I had to work hard to get to the point where I clearly understood that the practices of self care and self love are critical aspects of my own happiness and wellbeing, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of those I love. Self care is not a luxury but a necessity for a fulfilling life.

Remember the wise words, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You’ll find more about self-care below.

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Why is Self Care Important?

Self care plays a critical role in maintaining physical and mental health, bolstering productivity, and nurturing confidence. There is also clear evidence that self care plays a significant role in reducing anxiety, depression, stress, and even physical ailments such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

A regular, consistent practice of self care serves as a reminder to take time for yourself. It reminds you to treat yourself with the same love and care as you give to others. Your health and wellbeing depend on it. 

You must understand that your self care plan is important. Without self care, you will eventually find yourself drained, depleted, stressed out and unhappy because your needs are not being met.

Without self care, your skills diminish and you lose creativity and processing skills. You can’t have a clear head if you’re always feeling drained or frustrated from not taking care of yourself, such as not getting enough sleep.

If you are not taking care of yourself, it is also very difficult to stay mindful, present, and focused on what’s happening in the moment. This is essential for emotional self care.

According to an article from Southern New Hampshire University, “Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more. From a physical health perspective, self-care has been clinically proven to reduce heart disease, stroke and cancer. Spiritually, it may help keep us in tune with our higher power as well as realize our meaning in life.

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Regular Self Care Habits

Most of us can use Sundays to relax and get ready for the new week. But if you don’t have a typical work schedule, choose the best day of the week and make it your Sunday.

As long as you have a day to reset for the new week. But remember, your self care plan should not be saved just for Sundays. There are some self care habits that should be practiced every single day.

Make it a priority to turn your self care practices into regular self care habits that you do every day so you can be your BEST all the time. You can’t take care of your loved ones if you are not your BEST you! Go to bed on time, say your daily affirmations, practice mindfulness and gratitude, move your body, eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water. Self care doesn’t have to take lots of extra time out of your day.

You can do extra self care activities on Sundays so you have a chance to reset and prepare for the week, but self care should never be solely for Sundays.

Additionally, self care does not necessarily mean making an appointment for a 2-hour massage every other week, or taking a 1-hour bubble bath every Tuesday night. (Although these activities will contribute to yourself-care:)

Self care can be something as simple as taking 15-minutes in the morning to write in a self-reflection journal, listening to your favorite music while you make dinner, or spending quiet (alone) time with your partner before bedtime each night.

The most important thing to do is schedule these self-care times into each day. Don’t just wait and see if you have enough time at the end of the day, because let’s face it, you will never have enough time!

Create your self care plan for 365 days a year based on what you need to thrive and flourish — body, mind, and soul. There’s no wrong way to approach self-care as long as you are doing it in your daily life with intention. 

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Kinds of Self Care

There are generally 8 areas of self care that are considered important for everyone. As you are developing your plan for self care, you should address each one of these areas.

However, as you are considering the best self care habits and practices that work for you, you should remember that life is dynamic — always changing — and so are your self care needs. You should plan some flexibility and room for change, while also being consistent with your habits.

You should have a healthy balance of self care habits to address all of your needs in each of these 8 dimensions of self-care:

  • Physical Self-Care: Involves taking care of your body through activities like exercise, adequate sleep, and proper nutrition.
  • Emotional Self-Care: Focuses on understanding and managing your emotions, cultivating self-awareness, and practicing self-compassion.
  • Social Self-Care: Involves nurturing healthy relationships, setting boundaries, and spending time with supportive friends and family.
  • Mental Self-Care: Includes activities that stimulate your mind, such as learning new things, engaging in hobbies, and practicing mindfulness or meditation.
  • Spiritual Self-Care: Centers around connecting with your values, beliefs, and finding a sense of purpose or meaning in life.
  • Occupational Self-Care: Focuses on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, setting realistic goals, and finding satisfaction and fulfillment in your professional life.
  • Financial Self-Care: Involves managing your finances wisely, budgeting, and making choices that contribute to your long-term financial well-being.
  • Environmental Self-Care: Encompasses creating a supportive and comfortable physical environment, whether at home or work, to positively impact your overall well-being.

These pillars provide a holistic framework for addressing various aspects of your life and promoting a well-rounded approach to self-care.

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52 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Inspire You

Now that you know what self care means and why it is important, are you ready to take some time to reflect on your needs and develop a self care Sunday plan?

Some of these self-care Sunday ideas will resonate with you more than others. Choose the ones that feel right for you. Each one is a great way to implement self care in your life. Use this list to help you plan a perfect self care Sunday as well as schedule a good self care routine for the work week. 

Here are some Self Care Sunday ideas that you may also want to consider 365 days a year (followed by a little whimsical poem about self-care):

  1. Start a gratitude journal.
  2. Plan an at-home spa day.
  3. Go to the local craft or hobby store and find a new hobby.
  4. Go to the local farmer’s market. 
  5. Take a bike ride. 
  6. Get a professional massage.
  7. Binge watch your favorite series of on Netflix. 
  8. Go on a nature walk. 
  9. Reorganize and declutter a space in your home. 
  10. Take a nap or just lay down and daydream. 
  11. Enjoy a relaxing bath with your favorite candles. 
  12. Spend the day with your best friends.
  13. Say NO to something that doesn’t serve you well.
  14. Make a good breakfast for the family.
  15. Take a walk on the beach or in a nearby park. 
  16. Spend the day doing meal prep to help get organized for the week.
  17. Listen to your favorite music while doing your chores. 
  18. Go to the salon for a hair mask and style. 
  19. Take a class to learn a new skill. 
  20. Make a charcuterie board.
  21. Clip coupons to save money. 
  22. Meditate — if you don’t know how, check YouTube:)
  23. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  24. Read a new book.
  25. Spend quality time with family members. 
  26. Listen to a podcast.
  27. Take a long bubble bath.
  28. Get a professional facial.
  29. Look through old pictures.
  30. Diffuse essential oils while you enjoy a cup of tea. 
  31. Explore a new skin care routine you’ve been wanting to try.  
  32. Treat yourself to a new face mask and skin care regime.
  33. Sleep in late on Sunday morning.
  34. Plan a self care weekend away with a friend.
  35. Take a social media break for the whole day.
  36. Have lunch with a close friend. 
  37. Create a to-do list for the week to help prioritize and get organized.
  38. Go on a long walk to get some fresh air. 
  39. Make a list of your favorite self care quotes. 
  40. Meal plan for the week to help with your weekly schedule. 
  41. Go to the warm water indoor pool in your area 5o exercise.  
  42. Set goals and short-term milestones to help you track your progress. 
  43. Create a vision board. 
  44. Plan and prepare a healthy meal for your family. 
  45. Set aside time to create playlists of your favorite music. 
  46. Create a cozy self-care space where you can read your favorite book or listen to a podcast.
  47. Dance around the house like no one is watching. 
  48. Visit a local zoo or animal park. 
  49. Spend time organizing your clothes. 
  50. Turn on a yoga YouTube video and do some yoga. 
  51. Prepare daily affirmations for the week.
  52. Change the decor in your master bathroom. 

The Self-Care Shuffle (because laughter is a form of self-care:)

In the land of frazzled minds and weary souls, where deadlines loom and coffee cups overflow, There exists a dance, a secret rhythm untold, performed by those who seek solace, I’m told.

Bubble baths, my friends, are the key, to unlock the secrets of tranquility. Slide into the tub, like a chilled-out shrimp, and let the warm water embrace every limb.

Bubble bath boogie, oh so groovy, Rubber duckies waltzing, feeling movie. Calgon, take me away, to a land serene, where deadlines vanish, and floors are clean.

Next comes the pajama parade, where flannel-clad warriors march unafraid. Slip into those fuzzy socks, mismatched and wild, Declare, “I’m conquering stress, one sock at a time!”

Pajama parade, twirl and sway, In cozy slippers, we’ll save the day. Blankets become capes, and pillows our shields, as we battle life’s chaos in dreamland’s fields.

Ah, the tea-time tango, a delicate affair, with porcelain cups and herbal blends rare. Sip chamomile, pretend you’re a sage, while the cat judges silently from its perch on the page.

Tea-time tango, steep and sway, Pinkies up, my friend, it’s the self-care way. Inhale the steam, exhale the strife, As Earl Grey whispers, “This is the good life.”

Now, let’s shimmy into the yoga zone, where downward dogs meet cosmic groans. Stretch like a pretzel, embrace your inner tree, and accidentally knock over that scented candle—oops, tee-hee!

Yoga shimmy, bend and breathe, Chakras align, and tensions leave. Warrior poses, fierce and Zen, Namaste, my friend, Namaste again:)

Benefits of Self Care Sundays

There are several benefits to making self care Sundays a regular weekly habit.

First, self care Sundays set you up for a good work week. They allow you to slow down, refresh, and get ready for the new week ahead of you.

Second, scheduling self care Sundays into your life will help you make self care a priority. It will help you remember the importance of self care so you will more likely do a little something every day — 365 days a year.

Third, once you make self care Sundays a priority, it helps you develop a new habit. That means you’ll be more likely to do it each week and make self care a priority.

And finally, you’re teaching your loved ones that it’s important to take good care of yourself. Little people will grow up with the mindset that self care is important, and big people in your life will learn to respect what you’re doing. They will notice that things have slowed down and you are in a better mood.

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Final Thoughts: Self Care Sunday

Remember, you are very worthy of taking time for self care. In fact, you should schedule time for self care in your daily routine and do it with mindfulness and intention. Self-care Sunday is not just for Sunday.  Make sure you have time in your daily schedule for self care so you can manage your health and reduce your stress levels. 

Your loved ones will THANK YOU when they notice you are a happier, more balanced, and calm person because you are taking care of yourself and becoming the best version of yourself! Good luck!

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