Intentional Ways to Improve Your Happiness

Do you ever feel like happiness is always an arm’s reach away? Let’s be honest, we all feel that way sometimes, right? So let’s discuss some intentional ways to improve your happiness!

The key to happiness is developing a positive mindset and habits that support a happy lifestyle. You can do it!

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Intentional Ways to Improve Your Happiness

Let’s get started quickly! This is a quick and easy read so you can get started on improving your happiness right away!

Begin Your Journey by Living Your Life Intentionally

Be present, mindful, and intentional about every aspect of your life. Living life intentionally gives you a feeling of satisfaction, peace, and accomplishment because YOU are in control of your own happiness.

Feel and acknowledge all of your emotions. Actually sit and feel each emotion – take time to process each feeling. Notice how your body feels during each emotion – sadness, anger, fear, sympathy, frustration – don’t ignore any of your emotions.

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Take care of your personal needs. Plan and schedule the time you need for yourself regularly.

Be intentional in your planning and execution of every single day.

Commit to Happiness Everyday

Wake up and practice positive affirmations each morning. Love yourself dearly. Always visualize yourself as a joyful person.

Tell yourself you are happy and find reasons to be happy. This will help you develop a joyful mindset. Learn to appreciate all the little things. Listen to music that makes you happy. Do activities that make you happy. Smile.

You may enjoy reading Love Yourself Enough for more ideas about about mindset and self love.

Spend Time Wisely

There are 24 hours in a day. Use those hours wisely.

Make sure you are getting the appropriate amount of sleep. This is essential to your overall physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.

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Meet your work obligations but don’t always feel like you have to be the one who stays late to resolve every last minute problem at the office.

Enjoy family time but get in your exercise. Assign chores and responsibilities to family members so you have some time for self care.

You can’t do it all. Prioritize the important things.

Read about Positive Selfishness here so you can continue your exploration of ways to find happiness.

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Develop Intentional Habits in Your Daily Routine

Make it a habit to SMILE at every person you meet. Be kind to all. Express your love freely. Share gratitude and appreciation for and with others. Show the world you have a positive attitude and mindset. Reward yourself often with something fun or special!

Make others wonder WHY you are so happy! It will be fun!

Forgive Yourself

Stop looking back and having regrets. Don’t feel like you need to be perfect. Stop feeling like you need to conquer the world everyday.

Too many women today try to do it all! They rush and scurry about, all day, everyday. And at the end of each day, their minds are still reeling about what they didn’t get done, or what mistakes they made.

Is this you? You are probably your own worst critic. STOP. Give yourself forgiveness and grace. Be gentle with yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are many more intentional ways to improve your happiness than those that I’ve mentioned here, but this would be a great start!

What else could you do to improve your happiness? Positive Psychology has a great article you may want to read for additional information on this subject: The Science of Happiness in Psychology 101.

Remember, you are in charge of your joy! Make everyone wonder WHY you are so darn joyful and happy all the time!

And while you are intentionally working to create your own happiness, your behaviors will become habits that support an ongoing lifestyle of happiness.

Love to ALL! ~ Susan

Intentional Ways to Improve Your Happiness: What Are You Doing to Improve Your Happiness In Life?

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  1. Really appreciate all your points expressed. Walking purposely daily brings intentional change and happiness. To live without regret definitely begins with forgiveness and acceptance. Blessings! ☺️

    1. Yeeessss….. thank you for the feedback! There are so many things we can do to increase our happiness! It’s such a matter of mindset and priorities, right? xoxo

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