Glowing Skin Over 50 (And Over 60, t00!)

Glowing skin over 50 takes time and effort. Knowing what works for your own skin type, coloring, and how you personalize your look, can be an experimental challenge for many.

I, Guest Blogger Sharon Paige, am 67 years old and know a thing or two about skin. Over the years, I have tried several things — from facial masks to deep skin massages and all things in between.

This article will provide you with my best efforts to get glowing skin over 50. Although I am over that age now, I have been struggling with my skin for many years and have finally discovered products that make me glow!

woman with glowing skin over 50

My Story About Glowing Skin Over 50

Being a natural redhead, when I was younger, created many obstacles for my skin. The sun was my worst enemy as it honestly is for many with auburn or red tones. The sun’s rays are extremely harsh and one should never go without sunscreen.

As I got older, I discovered that I had a thyroid issue, which created very dry skin. Things weren’t getting better for my skin! And nothing I did was helping to produce the beautiful, glowing skin I desperately wanted.

As many women do, I wanted to always look my best. I like to blend, experiment, and match my make-up colors to my outfits — and I LOVE colors. I decided to figure out exactly what I felt good about.

I asked myself many questions to help determine how to feel better about my skin care and beauty regime.

Was it my skin and how it felt? Was it providing my skin with good nourishment? Was it how great I could look and feel with or without makeup? All the above, right?

Eventually, I found some solutions that worked for me, and I’m going to share them with you now!

woman with short blonde hair and glowing skin over 50

My Best Glowing Skin Over 50 (And 60, too!)

These are some of the tips I have used over the years for myself to be my best glowing self:

1. SUNSCREEN: One of the most important products for anyone in sunscreen. Young, old, male, or female — ALL need to be using sunscreen against the sun’s harmful effects. It is vitally important.

2. VITAMINS: You may think “What do vitamins have to do with skin care?” Nourishment to your body works from the inside out. There are vitamins for overall health, for hair, skin, nails, for heart, for eyes, and so much more. So yes, vitamins are important. You should talk to your health care providers about the best vitamins for your individual needs.

3. HEALTHY DIET: I believe it goes without saying that we are what we eat. Eating healthy (and not putting junk food into our bodies) definitely is a good practice for healthy glowing skin as well as healthy vital bodies.

4. GOOD SKIN MOISTURIZER: This includes the best body wash for your skin as well as a good body lotion. I have very dry skin and finding a moisturizing body wash became a big challenge for me.

red haired woman with glowing skin over 50

Additional Tips about My Glowing Skin over 50 (And 60, too!)

Moisturizing your skin each day and evening, keeps it looking and feeling soft and touchable. This is especially important as you get older. But young ladies, it’s important for you NOW, too!

Don’t be afraid to try different products until you find the perfect one. Yes, I personally have used, experimented, played, and recommended many products in my 60+ years. They all have a time, place, and purpose. Some work better than others, so it takes time.

You have drug store brands, high-end brands, exclusive brands, natural products, MLM brands, sensitive-skin products, and just about any other products you could possibly imagine in the world today. Use what you know about your skin and choose products that you think will be effective. Try them for a while and see how they work.

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It takes lots of testing, time, and effort to find what works for each individual. I personally feel it’s worth all the time and effort to feel good about yourself and glow from the inside out at any age. You won’t feel good about yourself on the outside unless you are feeling good on the inside.

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woman with long blonde hair and glowing skin over 50

Final Thoughts: Glowing Skin Over 50 (And 60, too!)

I currently use Farmasi products, a MLM line that has wonderful skin care, personal care, and make-up that I completely love using. It makes my skin glow and the colors are gorgeous!

If you would like to take a look at the products for yourself, you can click my link:

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Thank you for reading my thoughts. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and GLOW!

~ Sharon Paige

Glowing Skin Over 50 (And 60, too!) | What Kind of Skin Care and Make Up Products Help You Glow?

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