7 Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

People often ask what are the benefits of regular massage therapy? 

Honestly, if you are seeking to improve physical, mental, and/or spiritual health, YOU can receive many benefits from regular massage therapy. 

I have been getting massages regularly for 22 years – not as a luxury – but as a physical, mental, and spiritual health necessity. And I’m going to share some of the benefits with you here today! 

benefits of massage therapy include relieving neck tension
Benefits of regular massage include physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Additionally, I have also included some information for you to consider if you are new to the massage experience. You will find lots of great information below. 

What are the benefits of regular massage therapy? 

Decreases Negative Health Responses

1. Regular massage therapy decreases the negative health responses related to chronic stress often caused by our fast-paced, chaotic lifestyles. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate by reducing stress on the blood vessels. Massage calms the nervous system to decrease heart rate, slow down breathing, and improve digestion; it increases endorphins to help reduce pain; and it stimulates brainwave activity that supports improved sleep hygiene.  

Increases Immunity

2. Regular massage therapy increases your immunity to help prevent illness. It improves your lymphatic system to promote cleaner blood flow that helps your body fight against infection.  And, it helps disperse waste products out of the muscles to relieve tension and pain. 

Reduces Muscle Tension

3. Regular massage therapy reduces muscle strain and tension by increasing the production of hormones that relax your body. It stimulates fluids around the muscle to maintain elasticity which in turn helps reduce injury. Increasing circulation to the tissues around the muscles helps maintain good muscle health and reduce risks of injury. 

Improves Circulation

4. Regular massage therapy improves circulation and overall health and elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn increases oxygen throughout the body and promotes physical well-being. Improved circulation and healthy blood vessels also help to stabilize and lower blood pressure.

Improves Posture

5. Regular massage therapy improves posture.  It frees up tissue and allows the body to align more naturally.  Decreased muscle fatigue and tightness promotes healthier joints that allow the body to move and align more freely with decreased risk of injury.  Regular massage also alleviates issues related to imbalance that can result from too much sitting or laying. Basically, regular massage therapy counteracts all the sitting that we do every day! 

Enhances Mood

6. Regular massage therapy improves mental health and wellness. It soothes anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  It stimulates hormones that promote good sleep hygiene which directly impacts emotional stability and health.

Reduces Chronic Pain

7. Regular massage therapy helps you manage chronic body pain, such as post-operative pain, lower back pain, migraines, and pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Overall, regular massage therapy can improve your general feeling of wellness and your quality of life.  It allows your body to heal from the effects of common, daily stressors as well as chronic illness and pain.  In turn, you can live your best life and be your authentic self since regular massage supports your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

regular massage therapy on the back improves posture
Regular massage therapy improves posture and frees up tissue to allow the body to align more naturally.

How often do you need to get massage for the benefits of regular massage?  

This depends on many factors such as your pain levels, physical needs, stress levels, and mental health.  A massage once a week, or every two weeks, is ideal for people who need the positive effects to improve their quality of life. 

However, budget often plays a role is how often one can get a massage. It may require you to make lifestyle changes (you know, that Starbucks daily coffee run and dinner out on weekends) to be able to get regular massages.  But the long-term benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual health will be worth it!   

Types of Massage Therapy

There are many types of massage therapy that treat a variety of conditions and personal health needs. Massage therapists often specialize in certain types of massage and massage techniques based on their training and experience.

My personal experiences have been with deep tissue massage, myofascial release, hot stone massage, therapeutic massage, cranio sacral massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, and even Couple’s Massage.  

For the purpose of this article, I focused on the kinds of massage that have given me the most benefit over the past 22 years – myofascial release, therapeutic massage, and cranio sacral massage. These different types of massage therapies focus on different parts of your body and different kinds of massage techniques. 

In general, massage therapy is the practice of a trained massage therapist rubbing and kneading areas of your body, applying specific kinds of strokes and pressure to your muscles, joints, myofascial tissues, and soft tissues to manage health conditions and/or enhance overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

How to Choose a Massage Therapist

My wonderful certified massage therapist, Tianne Ellis – who has more than 25 years of experience – has helped me write this blog article so we can accurately represent benefits of getting regular massages – from my personal experience, as well as from her expertise.   

Tianne graduated from Baltimore School of Massage. She has furthered her education with extensive training by John Barnes of Myofascial Release Treatment Centers. Myofascial Release opens the spaces in the body to allow the flow of lymph, blood, nutrients, and energy throughout your body. Cranio Sacral work helps to balance the fluids around your brain and spinal cord, which is especially helpful for migraine and neurological issues. Myofascial Release is considered the ultimate mind and body therapy. 

She offers a multifaceted treatment approach for ultimate results in your wellness and personal health care. She values building relationships with her clients and open communication so she can offer you an optimal massage therapy plan to promote improved health and wellness. 

Tianne strongly believes that regular massage therapy offers long-term physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. And I absolutely agree with her! 

Tianne is the type of massage therapist you want to find in order to get maximum benefit from your experience of regular massage. 

massage therapy is relaxing and keeps you grounded
Connecting with the energy found in the Earth, directly or indirectly, is a benefit of regular massage therapy.

Spiritual Benefits of Massage 

Massage as an alternative therapy is based on spiritual principles that go beyond the physical and mental health benefits. In addition to physical and mental health benefits of regular massage, there are many spiritual benefits, as well.  Here are a few of those benefits:

Grounding – Being grounded means that you are connected to the energy found in the Earth and are fully present, or rooted, in your body. Grounding techniques can be a direct (ie: lying on the ground or wading in a lake) or indirect (clearing your mind and calming your emotions).  Regular massage can help you stay rooted in your body and reconnect to the Earth so you reap the benefits of its energy. 

Meditation – Regular massage therapy, in a calm and trusting environment, enhances your connection to self and helps anchor you in the moment. This promotes overall peace of mind.   

Love Your Body – The connections created through regular massage therapy help release your self-conscious mind and breakdown barriers you have about your body. 

Distribution of Energy – Regular massage therapy can help focus energy on areas of your spiritual wellness system that are out of balance. Alternatively, it can distribute energy throughout your body for uninterrupted flow of creativity and spiritual wellness. 

Although there is limited scientific research about the spiritual benefits of massage, there is little doubt about how the spiritual benefits support your physical and mental wellness.  In fact, I have personally received massage therapy as part of integrated medical treatment for several injuries over the years.

regular massage therapy helps relieve migraines
You can locate certified massage therapists near you and discuss their credentials with them prior to choosing a therapist to develop your personal massage care plan. Keep in mind the many benefits of regular massage therapy as you work with your massage therapist.

Final Thoughts

As discussed here, there are many benefits of regular massage therapy.  You should consider your wellness needs, research your options, talk with massage therapists, check their credentials, and schedule your first appointment. 

From that point, you should seek to develop a comfortable relationship with your massage therapist and determine with your therapist how often you should receive massage therapy to reap the greatest benefit.   

For more about self-care, you can read about my personal journey toward getting and Staying Healthy After 60 here.  

Or you can learn about Positive Selfishness here.

You can also visit Tianne’s website or Facebook Page to learn more from her! 

Tianne Ellis, CMT, Ellis Wellness Website: https://calvertmassage.com/

Ellis Wellness Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TianneLMT

Don’t forget to take good care of yourself!  

Love to All! ~ Susan 

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  1. My sister Reiley would like to try massage therapy since this will help address her muscle pain. Well, I also agree with you that this will help disperse waste products too. Thank you for sharing here that this will improve the person’s blood circulation as well.

    1. I cannot say enough about the significant health benefits I have experienced from getting regular massages. Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it! xoxo:)

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