A Visit to the Doctor During the Pandemic

chairs spread out in the waiting room of a doctors office during the pandemic
Socially distanced seating in the waiting room.

My Visit to the Doctor During the Pandemic

Today I made my first visit to the doctor during the pandemic crisis. Fortunately, I just needed to have thyroid blood work done.

When I had a thyroidectomy four years ago, no one mentioned how sensitive your body is to the thyroid replacement medicine. We have had to adjust the dose every few months since the surgery.

Did you know your tiny little thyroid is like the brain for your bodily functions? I had no idea! 

I have been pleasantly surprised about the safety precautions my doctor’s office is taking. They are offering TeleHealth visits and consults via email now. But since no one has devised a way to draw blood through the computer or phone, I had to go to the office. 

My dear husband decided to drive me to the doctor and wait in the car. Upon arrival, I realized the world as we knew it has changed – at least temporarily! 

Arriving at the Doctor

A very nice masked and gloved lady met me at the entrance of the building. She pressed the handicapped button for the door to open as she held up a bottle of hand sanitizer – yes, everyone had to have a squirt before entering.

The employee gave me a mask and directed me to wear it the whole time I was in the building. She advised me to pinch my nose to make sure the mask was effective.

Then we stepped inside and she pushed the elevator button for my ride up to the office – so far, I hadn’t touched anything but my mask. 

sign in portal of a doctors office during the pandemic
area at the doctor’s office during the pandemic.

At the second floor, the elevator door opened directly into the doctor’s office. There were no patients. The benches and chairs were stacked and tucked under the sign-in counter.

Two employees were sitting more than a dozen feet apart at sign-out desks. Both had on masks and gloves.  All the sign-in screens were covered except for one – patients used that one to sign-in on the touch screen – but we had just cleaned our hands and had not come in contact with anyone or anything.

I lightly used the tip of one finger to sign-in. 

Waiting Area During the Pandemic

After signing in, I went to a larger waiting area where they had separated all chairs and removed benches. They had stacked extra chairs in a corner. There was only one other patient sitting across the large room.

A nurse, wearing a mask and gloves, called me back to the treatment room almost immediately. 

Treatment Room

In the treatment room, the nurse recorded my vitals and said the doctor would be right in. Sure enough, within minutes, the doctor came in – masked and gloved just as everyone else! 

We talked, she wrote orders for blood work, and her nurse came back immediately to draw the blood.

patients waits in a room for a doctor during the pandemic
Getting ready to have blood drawn… staying masked, as directed, until I leave the building.

The doctor said it was safer for us to be in this medical building than in the grocery store because they were taking the pandemic very seriously!  As a patient, I couldn’t agree more! 

Final Thoughts

When I exited the building, I removed my mask and tossed it in the trashcan. When I got back to the car, I sanitized my hands.  My visit to the doctor during the pandemic was a success!

I cannot emphasize enough how seriously the medical community is taking this pandemic. It was an eye-opening experience to see the extreme efficiency and safety precautions that were being implemented to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

This pandemic is changing our world – and giving me hope that people are learning to help take care of the WE instead of thinking so much about the ME. 

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Remember, if you have symptoms of the coronavirus, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE!

Instead, call your primary care, urgent care, or emergency room to receive specific instructions about how to get help and prevent risking others. Think of the WE not just the ME. 

For more information about pandemic guidelines, click here to go to the Center for Disease Control website.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!  Sending love and prayers to all! 

Love to All! ~ Susan

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