55 Top Inspiring Songs that Empower Women (2024)

In celebration of Women’s History Month 2024, I am updating one of my first Sassy Sister Stuff articles that I wrote to empower women.  Every year, March 8 is officially designated as International Women’s Day so we are going to look at female singers of all genres who have broken through the glass ceiling in the music industry to sing, and in some cases write, women’s empowerment songs.

These are the best songs that have been sung by women artists and girl groups, filled with empowering lyrics that encourage all women to find their confidence and joy in life.  You can add these songs to your Spotify playlist, iTunes playlist, Amazon playlist, or wherever you listen to your music.  I have chosen to only list songs that are mostly clean and can be enjoyed by women and girls of all ages and walks of life.   I’ve also included some personal history about my relationship with music and how it has inspired and empowered me.  So let’s move on to the 55 top inspiring songs that empower women today!  

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How Music Empowers and Inspires

A few weeks ago, I got inspired me to write a post about songs that empower women.  Music has always been very important in my life. I have been going to concerts since I was a teen and thoroughly enjoy this pastime with family and friends. Many of my favorite singers are from the country genre but I also enjoy everything from Shaggy to Enya. Music has a special place in my soul for every mood and life experience.

Florida Georgia Line sing songs that empower women

My Personal History with Songs that Empower and Inspire

Even as a child, I would retreat to my bedroom to listen to vinyl records by my favorite artists. Often, I chose songs that matched my mood or feelings. Even back then, it was my mental health therapy before I even knew the meaning or importance of good mental health.

My teen idol, Bobby Sherman, went on a Teen Idol Tour from 1998-2002 when I was in my thirties. I was fortunate enough to follow him around the country to 23 concerts during those years.  I had the best experiences meeting other fans who were thrilled to see him.  

The experiences took us right back to our childhood or teen years and nothing could compare to the joy we experienced. Bobby Sherman posters covered my walls for years, and now I have more than a dozen photo albums of photos from his concerts, when “I Was a Grown-Up Groupie.” 

In a drama class in college, we were given an assignment to create an audio compilation of songs that described our lives. As you might imagine, technology was much different in those days so a blank cassette and tape recorder, vinyl records and a turn-table, and the radio were our only tools.

Others complained, but I was delighted about the assignment.  I had done this exact assignment in my head many times throughout my 21 years. That cassette tape has likely disappeared by now but it sure would be interesting to listen to it today. 

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An Emotional Experience with Music

When I was in my mid-thirties, a dear friend died from breast cancer. At her funeral, a guitarist and singer performed a compilation of songs that she had put together to describe her life – from birth to death. It left an impression on me. I brought the funeral program home and saved it with the intention of creating my own list for my funeral someday.

A few years later, when we got our first computer and music became much more accessible, I started working on my list! That was 28 years ago. I continued that list through all of life’s ups and downs through the years. I told my grown daughter where I kept the list just in case we ever needed it. 

Music for the Soul

So here we are today and I can proudly report that I have survived the worst eleven years of my life from 2012 through 2023 with lots of help from music. From sitting in hospitals listening to my iPods to dancing around my kitchen cooking dinner, I have used music to help me find my strength.

How Music Helps Me Survive

I won’t go into details about the many circumstances and events that made it such a rough time of my life, but I could not have survived it without the blessings of my family and friends, and as you probably guessed – music!

Empowering and inspirational songs became “anthems” for my journey back to happiness and self-worth.

I played these songs while taking a shower, cooking, driving, resting. Whatever. I played them all the time. Playlists of these songs, also known as my “power anthems,” were on my iTunes and Amazon Music. I have a special connection to the lyrics and feel empowered while I am listening to them — or God-forbid, screeching them at the top of my lungs:)

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Music For All Women

I started taking my daughter to concerts when she was six years old.  Today she enjoys music and uses it for inspiration and empowerment, too.  In fact, so does her daughter (my granddaughter:).  We have had incredibly memorable experiences at concerts from Justin Bieber to New Kids on the Block to Toby Keith and Shania Twain.  

Some of my favorite memories go back to the days of The Judds at concerts with my daughter, who was a little girl.  Today, she loves Wynonna — and Naomi, may she rest in peace — as much as I do. 

When I decided to develop my website, songs that empower women is a topic I intended to write about and share as soon as possible – just in case someone else ever needed a little extra encouragement to get through a rough time. Or, maybe someone felt like they were setting the world on fire and they just wanted some music for strong women to celebrate.

The songs are by a variety of artists from different eras and genres but they are mostly all clean music – very few bad words and no inappropriate content. 

You’ll find a great variety of women empowerment songs in the list below: 

  • pop songs that empower women
  • uplifting songs for women 
  • strong female anthems
  • rocks songs that empower women
  • R&B songs that empower women
  • rock songs that empower women
  • country music songs that empower women 
  • songs for strong independent women 
  • songs about gender equality 
  • female power ballads
  • girl power songs 
  • breakup songs 

While I enjoy some of the music from artists who choose to use foul language or adult content in their music, it tends to be more of a distraction to me so I mostly avoid them.  The songs are in no particular order but I hope you find your inner strength and confidence as you listen to them. Download them and enjoy them at full volume.

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55 Songs That Empower Women Today

Here are 55 of the best inspirational (clean) songs that empower women in 2024! Create a playlist of your favorite songs today to help empower you and unleash your confidence!

1. Demi Lovato🎶 I Love Me
2. Kelly Clarkson🎶 Broken and Beautiful
3. Dolly Parton🎶 9 to 5
4. Kelsea Ballerini🎶 Miss Me More
5. Gretchen Wilson🎶 Redneck Woman
6. Martina McBride🎶 A Broken Wing
7. Demi Lovato🎶 Confident
8. Katy Perry🎶 Roar
9. Colbie Caillat🎶 Try
10. Aretha Franklin🎶 R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
11. Carrie Underwood🎶 The Champion
12. Cyndi Lauper🎶 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
13. Jamie O’Neal🎶 Somebody’s Hero
14. Reba McEntire🎶 I’m a Survivor
15. Taylor Swift🎶 The Man
16. Whitney Houston / Chaka Khan🎶 I’m Every Woman
17. Alicia Keys🎶 Super Woman
18. Sara Bareilles🎶 Brave
19. Shania Twain🎶 Man, I Feel Like a Woman
20. Maren Morris🎶 Girl
21. Kelly Clarkson🎶 Miss Independent
22. Martina McBride🎶 This One’s for the Girls
23. Helen Reddy🎶 I Am Woman
24. Taylor Swift🎶 ME!
25. Miranda Lambert🎶 Gunpowder and Lead
26. Rachel Platten🎶 Fight Song
27. Christina Aguilera🎶 Fighter
28. Lady Gaga🎶 Born This Way
29. Destiny’s Child🎶 Independent Woman
30. Lauren Alaina🎶 Road Less Travelled
31. Reba McEntire🎶 Is There Life Out There
32. Gloria Gaynor / Demi Lovato🎶 I Will Survive
33. Spice Girls 🎶 Wannabe
34. Danielle Bradbery 🎶 Worth It
35. Miley Cyrus🎶 Flowers
36. Destiny’s Child🎶 Survivor
37. Britney Spears🎶 Stronger
38. Fifth Harmony🎶 That’s My Girl
39. Beyonce🎶 Single Ladies
40. Sia🎶 Unstoppable
41. Hailee Steinfeld🎶 Most Girls
42. Meghan Trainor🎶 Woman Up
43. Christina Aguilera🎶 Beautiful
44. Kacey Musgraves🎶 Follow Your Arrow
45. The Chicks🎶 Not Ready to Make Nice
46. Miranda Lambert🎶 Mama’s Broken Heart
47. Kelly Clarkson🎶 Stronger
48. Martina McBride🎶 Independence Day
49. Alicia Keys🎶 Girl on Fire
50. Jamie O’Neal🎶 Somebody’s Hero
51. The Judds🎶 Girl’s Night Out
52. Taylor Swift🎶 Shake It Off
53. TLC🎶 No Scrubs
54. Pat Benatar🎶 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
55. Meghan Trainor🎶 Me Too

Regardless of where you are on your life journey, or what your mood may be each day, these songs will empower you to FEEL – to FEEL strength and encouragement – to CHOOSE JOY and HAPPINESS.  

You will recognize something special in every empowering lyric — you will probably choose your own female empowerment anthem that helps you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Or, you might pick an empowering song for times when you are feeling a little down because it helps you get out of a funk.  You might find pure pleasure in a song that has timeless lyrics that make you think about something special in your past.  

You’ll be surprised how many topics these songs cover. From “Shake It Off” to “Follow Your Arrow” to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” you’ll find the words cover a wide variety of women’s issues!

If you sit still and actually listen to the words of these songs, you’ll find a theme song (or two) that resonates with you and helps you feel like you have endless power and confidence to go out into the world and do whatever you dream of doing.  And taking the bull by the horns to overcome anything, as in the songs that address domestic abuse, like “Independence Day.”

close up of young woman singing songs that empower women into a microphone

Final Thoughts: Songs That Empower Women

There are many more songs that empower women than those on this list. And more are coming out all the time. Keep adding to your playlist as you hear a song that makes you feel strong and confident.  Pay attention to songs that empower you and make you FEEL great!  

Remember, I have not included songs on this list that contain a lot of inappropriate or provocative language. I’ve also omitted some songs that I personally feel are controversial, but I’m sure you can find songs that you enjoy if none of these songs speak to your heart and soul.

But I sincerely hope these songs that empower women help you feel confident and joyful like they do for me! Happy listening!  

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Love to all! ~ Susan 

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