39 Super Helpful Tips for Making Your Life Easier

Life can be very complicated in today’s world. Your stress levels are often elevated and you can easily find yourself wishing for an easier life.

The good thing is you can do little things to affect change and develop new habits that will make your life easier and less stressful. You might even want to explore the principles of the slow living movement and replace chaos with contentment.

We’re going to look at simple ways to make changes in your daily routine that will make life easier. You can make a big difference even with small changes. Learn simple tricks to prioritize important tasks and solve your biggest problems with organization and stress.

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39 Super Helpful Tips for Making Your Life Easier

You will find that these helpful tips for making your life easier and less stressful will make a huge difference in your mental health and wellbeing. They will help make your personal life and professional life more manageable on a daily basis. Your quality of life will improve and your family will thank you.

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Learn to relax and enjoy life more by making your life easier with these easy strategies.

39 Tips for Making Your Life Easier

Let’s get started with all the magical (and easy) ways you can make life simpler. Many of these tips involve a mindset shift about making life easier, but you can do it! Don’t rush and relax — good things take time!

1. Meal Delivery Services

Meal delivery services are becoming more affordable and delicious every day. These will help you have less stress about planning dinners and finding time to make them. Most meal delivery services focus on meals that can be made in 30-60 minutes so you’ll be able to save time doing something else more fun. Watch for coupons and discounts.

2. Clean up Your Social Media

Take an afternoon to delete people and accounts on your social media who no longer bring you happiness or value. Over the years, our likes and dislikes change but we rarely take time to clean up our social media. Then it begins to clutter our feeds and our minds with things that waste our mental energy.

3. Start Meal Planning

Make it a habit of planning meals for the entire week (or even the entire month) so you do not have to stress every single day about what you’re going to eat and how to eat healthy. Meal planning also helps you avoid fast foods and the extra calories of eating out. Once you’re meal planning successfully, you can even start meal prepping together with your family on Sundays. Make it a family tradition of spending time together.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Everything in life goes better when you get enough sleep. You have more energy and patience for doing what you need to do, and what you enjoy in life. Plus, it’s important for your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. Use bedtime affirmations to help settle your mind before you go to sleep.

5. Schedule Free Time

These is only so much time in a day, so be sure to schedule in some free time every single day. Don’t just wait for free time to happen. You need free time to settle your mind and take care of yourself. It’s just as important as anything else you put on your daily schedule.

a happy red headed woman brushes her teeth before bedtime as part of her evening routing to make her life easier
Spend time pampering yourself with good self-care habits before you climb in bed.

6. Establish an Evening Routine

You will sleep better if you develop an evening routine that allows you to begin slowing down and settling your mind at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. Avoid technology, turn down the lights, and relax. Spend time pampering yourself with self-care habits before you climb in bed.

7. Eliminate Toxic People (And Situations)

Unfortunately, toxicity is a horrible strain our mental and emotional health. But for some reason, we are often reluctant to eliminate it from our lives. It’s time to do that now. Avoid toxic people and situations. Erase those people from your contacts, and remove yourself from toxic situations. It will eliminate an enormous amount of mental stress that complicates your life.

8. Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps you deal with stress. It actually produces hormones that help you feel better and more able to deal with life. It’s a valuable part of making your life easier and less stressful. Give yourself the exercise that it needs to thrive.

9. Change Your Technology Habits

Reduce the amount of time you’re looking at a screen — cell phones, iPads, computers, video games. (Have you ever looked at how many hours you spend on TikTok or Instagram in one day?) Stop having a dozen browser tabs open at a time — it keeps your brain in an elevated state of crazy. Use technology for things that are helpful such as a to-do list app, a calendar that you can share with others, a calorie counter, or a meditation app.

10. Grocery Delivery Service

During the pandemic, grocery stores everywhere started providing grocery delivery services. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of this service. It can save you time and help you avoid picking up the extra cookies and chips that you don’t really need.

11. Develop a Morning Routine

I’m not a morning person so this one is definitely hard for me. But my whole day goes better when I wake up, spend some time stretching, read my affirmations, hop in the shower, get dressed, and do my make-up without lollygagging around. It helps me prepare for the day with intention in a positive manner.

a strong competent young stands with her hands in a positive that shows boundaries
Boundaries are critical to making your life easier and happier.

12. Set Boundaries (And Keep Them)

Setting boundaries with people and your time is critical to making your life easier and less stressful. Know your limits and communicate that clearly to people around you. Make sure people understand your emotional boundaries and don’t feel guilty about pulling back. Take time for yourself and uphold your boundaries.

13. Pause… Breathe… Relax

This is a technique I’ve been using for 20 years when I feel stressed or frustrated. Just stop, possibly excuse yourself for a moment, and pause… take several deep breaths… and relax your body. Visualize each part of your body relaxing — from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Breathe in the calm energy and breathe out the stress.

14. Get Organized

Life is so much easier and less stressful if you have a home for everything you own — all of your “things.” You’ll know where everything is located when you need it and won’t get frustrated. Get organized one space at a time by eliminating what doesn’t serve you anymore.

15. Declutter Your Home

Take just 20-30 minutes a day to get rid of the clutter laying around in your home. Just like with getting organized, you can do one small space at a time. Physical clutter in your home actually causes mental stress because it clutters your mind. I always ask myself “do I have an emotional attachment to this?” If not, it goes.

16. Establish a Simple Daily Schedule (And Keep It)

There are steps you can take, and even templates you can use, to create a simple daily schedule. You can even expand it to a monthly schedule after you have found what works. You’ll want to create a flow that is manageable and organized. You’ll want to internalize your daily schedule and feel fully comfortable with it so you don’t have to stress about how to get things done each day.

17. Be at Peace with Slow Progress

Making your life easier is a process and a lifestyle. You are going to have ups and downs along your journey. No one has a perfect life, but you can make it easier and happier by doing these 39 things. Be at peace with slow progress and develop a mindset of progress over perfection.

a dark skinned young woman with her eyes closes and a smile on her face breathes in the fresh air in a park
Be at peace with slow progress and develop a mindset of progress over perfection.

18. Simplify Your Finances

Today it’s easier than ever to simplify your finances and spend less time on financial management. You can automate bills and banking so you don’t have to spend time on paying bills and going to the bank. You can even deposit checks with your cell phone nowadays. And you can monitor your bank account online. Make these simple changes and start making your life easier and less stressful.

19. Set Daily Intentions

Wake up each day and set daily intentions based on what you can do in a given day. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Focus on those intentions and don’t allow distractions to steal your time. Distractions will create time management issues that create stress. Setting your daily intentions keeps you connected to your goals, desires, and needs. Intentional living makes life easier.

20. Ask for Help

Asking for help can be uncomfortable, but it’s an important skill that can provide you with emotional support that reduces stress. Don’t feel embarrassed — you’re not weak or lazy. Often times, people truly enjoy helping others and it gives them a sense of purpose. When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, do the most important things and ask for help with other things. You’ll actually feel more in control of your life if you can confidently ask for help sometimes.

21. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating actually adds stress to your life because something is always hanging over your head. You often feel guilty and critical of yourself when you procrastinate. In fact, studies have linked procrastination to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. You don’t want to go there, right? It is advantageous to making your life easier and less stressful to learn how to stop procrastinating.

22. Enjoy a Hobby

I’m a strong advocate for spending time doing things you love, especially a favorite hobby. Make it a habit. Don’t just do something if you have extra time. Research shows that creative hobbies have a tremendous impact on your brain and day-to-day functioning. Hobbies also promote a well-balanced life.

23. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Worrying about things does not impact the outcome, but it sure can cause you major stress. Use your positive, healthy mindset to don’t sweat the small stuff because in the grand scheme of life, most things are small. For the past 30 years, I tend to ask myself, “Will this matter in 20 years?” If not, I let it go.

a young woman holds up her hands to gesture don't sweat the small stuff
Ask yourself, “Will this matter in 20 years?”

24. Create a Daily Journal Practice

A daily journal practice will help you clear your mind and express your emotions. There are many kinds of journals and prompts you can use. Writing of any kind has many positive benefits. But writing your thoughts and feelings in a health and wellness journal – a space specifically dedicated to your self-care, growth, wellness, and gratitude – can work wonders for reducing stress and making your life easier.

25. Organize Your Passwords

How many times a day do you find yourself stuck because you don’t remember a password? In today’s world, we definitely have too many passwords to remember. You can get an inexpensive password journal at Walmart or Amazon, or you can even buy a notebook that you designate just for passwords. You can even use technology to organize your passwords.

26. Practice Quality Self Care

You hear lots of people talking about self care today, but it doesn’t always mean massages and facials. Self care does not have to be extravagant. In fact, even personal growth tasks such as making your life easier and less stressful is a kind of self care. There are many simple acts of self self care that don’t cost anything. Make sure you schedule time for self care into your daily schedule. And why not do a 30-day self care challenge? And don’t forget that quality self care includes regularly monitoring your health with your doctors.

27. Let Go of the Past

Letting go of the past and learning to forgive people will release negative energy from your mind and spirit. It will free up your mind for more positive and productive thinking so you can move forward with confidence and positivity. Simply don’t waste time on people and things from the past that no longer matter. Choose your joy today and tomorrow.

28. Develop a Positive Mindset

Develop and maintain a positive, healthy mindset in order to make your life consistently easier. A negative mindset depletes your energy and prevents you from living with joy and happiness in your heart. Always believe everything will be okay and don’t take everything personally. Your mindset is everything.

29. Use Daily Positive Affirmations

Daily positive affirmations can truly change your life for the better. You focus on areas of your life where you need help — such as confidence, grounding, balance, wellness, mindfulness, creativity or more — and say positive statements to yourself so your subconscious brain begins to believe the information. It’s an incredible research-based strategy for personal growth and development.

everything will be ok! Written in cursive on a pick and blue background
A positive, healthy mindset will help you remember that everything will be okay!

30. Stop Over-Scheduling

Make sure you realize there are only 24-hours in a day for daily activities and you need 8 of those for sleep:) So stop over-scheduling your days. Additionally, look at your schedule and carefully reflect on which activities are the most important activities and events you need to attend. Ask yourself which ones bring value to your live in some way. Then determine optional events and activities. Make it easer on yourself in the future and stop over-scheduling. Learn to gracefully decline.

31. Learn to Delegate

This can be difficult for some people, but learn to let go of some responsibilities and delegate them to others. Split up household responsibilities; stop trying to fix Thanksgiving dinner by yourself and have everyone contribute. Learning the art of delegating will be a major step toward making your life easier.

32. Re-evaluate Your Priorities

Sometimes we live on autopilot for so long that our lives get overly complicated without realizing that it’s happening. Suddenly one day you wake up and realize you are doing things that are totally unnecessary and bring no value to your life. Take time now-and-then to stop and re-evaluate your priorities. In fact, schedule a re-evaluation time on your calendar every six months and you’ll be able to thank me later:)

33. Reduce Stress

The first thing you can do to reduce stress in your everyday life is learn to let go of control. Some things are just plain out of your control anyway, so stop worrying about them. Other ways to reduce stress include meditation, yoga, journaling, coloring, massage, music, aromatherapy, and more. You should also consider whether you may be addicted to stress. There are many things you can do to reduce stress in your life.

34. Practice Gratitude

Always have a heart of gratitude. There is probably nothing more powerful than developing an attitude of gratitude and a positive mindset about all the beautiful things you have in your life. Look around and take note — there is an abundance of great things around you if you have the right mindset to see them. Always focus on the positive things around you and don’t let the negative things bother you.   Then gratitude will become a major step toward making your life easier.

35. Minimalize and Simplify

This is something I am still learning, but it has made my life so much easier! When you simplify and minimalize, there is less clutter to get in your way and fewer complications in your life. Simple living is happier living. Get rid of unnecessary things, maintain a clean house (it becomes easier after you minimalize:), and just plain buy less stuff. You’ll thank me for this advice, too!

simple decor of flowers, candles, and a lamp on a bedroom dresser that sits under a mirror on the wall
A minimalist lifestyle is important for making your life easier and less stressful.

36. Ask, “Is This Necessary?”

I’ve already shared my strategy of asking, “Will this matter in 20 years?” Now I’ll share another strategy about how to begin making your life easier. Ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” With every purchase… with every doubt… ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” When you stop and take the time to focus on value, and eliminate unnecessary things from your life, you’ll begin making your life easier.

37. Stop Trying to Please People

People pleasing becomes a habit over time and can even be a coping mechanism based on past trauma and lifestyles. Stop trying to please people all the time. You were not put on this planet to make others happy. You are perfectly worthy of living a life that fulfills your needs, not the needs of others. Just stop people pleasing.

38. Learn to say NO

This tip is related to the previous one — learn to say NO to people. If something doesn’t feel right to you, or if you don’t have enough time, or if you just plain don’t feel you can do something, simply decline. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone. You have to learn to simplify your life as part of making your life easier and happier.

39. Practice Patience and Honesty

It’s always a good idea to live with patience and honesty, but it also helps make your life easier and less stressful. You can’t possibly get caught in a lie if you are always honest with people, right? And learning the art of patience will go hand-in-hand with stressing less. Just be patient with people and situations — your world will be less stressful.

minimalist coffee table in pale shades and simple decor
Implement these 39 easy life hacks to help make your life easier.

Final Thoughts about Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Many of these tips are simple life hacks that require nothing but small changes in your daily habits. They are easy ways to make significant changes in your daily life. At the end of a long day, you’ll be able to rest better.

Take a little bit of time to evaluate which tips would be most beneficial to making your life easier. Then begin to make those changes and you’ll see slowly see positive results that have a huge impact on your life!

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Love to ALL! ~ Susan

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