World Health Day 2020 – What do we have to Celebrate?

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World Health Day 2020 – what do we have to celebrate? How ironic is it that on World Health Day 2020, the world is going through the worst pandemic in a hundred years? Scary, huh? 

Did you know World Health Day has been celebrated on April 7 every year since 1950? I never knew that!  But I know all of us are thinking about our health and well-being, and that of our loved ones, more than ever right now!  So let me share some thoughts… 

A Message from Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha once said, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” 

This quote feels profound in today’s world as we all seek creative ways to maintain our physical, mental, and social health.  Good health, peace of mind, and genuine relationships are so important!

For physical health, we seek vitality and energy so we have the ability to do what we enjoy and prevent serious illness.

For mental health, we seek clarity, peace, and purpose in order to maintain the kind of life we desire.

And for social health, we seek connectedness, equality, and relationships that help us feel valued in our social community. That sure does seem like a lot to ask! 

But you can read many blog posts on the Wellness Page of Sassy Sister Stuff about physical, mental, and social health, as well as spiritual health. CLICK HERE for the those posts!

Meanwhile, I’m noticing some great health habits happening in my community and I’ve witnessed many things to celebrate!  I suggest you make it a habit to practice self-care habits 365 days a year!

World Health Day 2020 – What Do We Have to Celebrate?

People around me (at a distance) are getting very creative with ideas to support their physical, mental, and social health. In fact, given the state of our world right now, I am pretty amazed at just how good people are doing.

People are finding ways to exercise from home instead of the gym; teachers are connecting with students via technology; neighbors are decorating their driveways with inspirational messages for families who are taking walks together; stores are delivering groceries and offering special hours for senior citizens; restaurants are offering pick-up services; people are experimenting with new recipes at home; people are making masks for health care workers and first responders; restaurants are delivering food to hospitals where health care personnel are working long, difficult hours; people are spending time outside working in their yards; social media applications like Zoom and FaceTime are being used to make much-needed connections with family and friends. 

The World Comes Together on Social Media

And, have you taken a look at TikTok or Instagram since the pandemic began? Everyone (and their brother, and sister, and mother, and father) is joyfully losing their minds creating humorous and entertaining videos on TikTok, and celebrities are even doing Live Instagram Q&A sessions directly from their homes!

You can also find PodCasts that cover just about any subject matter you could ever imagine thinking about, talking about, or even being curious about! If you have not explored TikTok, Instagram, PodCasts, Zoom, and/or FaceTime, just ask someone you know for help. Or Google a “How To…” video!

But remember, limit your screen time in order to maintain a healthy balance between physical, mental, and social health! 

I see the hashtag #inthistogether everywhere now, and I see people working together to support each other in so many ways.  These observations warm my heart and give me renewed hope in mankind.

I have great HOPE that we will get through this together and we will have many things to celebrate as we move through this pandemic!  

World Health Day – Health Care Workers


The health care workers, of course!

The World Health Day initiative seeks to raise awareness about overall health and well-being of people across the world. 

But we would not be able to maintain our health and well-being without the dedication of our health care workers!  They are struggling right now and worried about their families. Our health care workers need to feel appreciated! 

Let’s be sure to make a point of saying THANK YOU – send an email, leave a message, send a text, call, send a card, etc –  to these very special people in our lives this week!

  • Doctors/Nurse Practitioners/Physical Assistants
  • Nurses/Techs/Assistants
  • Pharmacists/Techs
  • Medical Scientists
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Rehabilitation Practitioners
  • Physical, Respiratory, and Occupational Therapists
  • Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics/Assistants/Drivers
  • Nursing Home Workers
  • Radiology, Laboratory, and Diagnostic Practitioners
  • Public Health Practitioners
  • Home Health Care Providers
  • Maternal and Newborn Health Practitioners
  • Hospice Care Workers
  • Veterinarians/Techs/Assistants

I’m celebrating ALL the health care workers in my life and beyond this week! 

For more information about World Health Day 2020, click here to visit the World Health Organization page about World Health Day!

Thanks everyone! Stay safe and healthy! And, I personally extend my sincere appreciation for all the Health Care Workers in our glorious world who are risking their lives for us every day! 

Love to all! ~ Susan 

World Health Day 2020 | What Are YOU Celebrating this Year?

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