Get on a Journey to You 2.0 with a Simple Hack for Personal Growth — Build Good Habits!

Introducing the Sassy Sister Stuff 12-Month Personal Growth Planner for Finding Peace, Purpose and Happiness in Your Life

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How This Planner is Different?

Most planners address only ONE area for improvement and include the same activities you find in other monthly planners. But this planner addresses 12 different areas of personal growth and development! There is a new topic for self-improvement each month! This is where our 12-Month Personal Growth Planner stands out from all others.

With our planner, you are getting 300+ Simple Tasks that will help you feel productive, energetic, and positive throughout the day while developing good habits for a happier, more purposeful life!

With This Planner, You will Get…

The Sassy Sister Stuff 12-Month Personal Growth Planner will guide you to develop new and positive habits in 12 different areas of personal growth.  You’ll get 28-days of simple activities for every month. These activities will take very little time but will help you develop healthy habits to become the person you are meant to be!  

What People are Saying…

I love this Planner!

I love this Planner! The organization is great because I can pick what I want to focus on each month. The daily tasks are both fun AND self-reflective! I can’t wait to see how much I’ve grown by the end of the year thanks to Susan’s wonderful insight!
Crystal H

Help me make New Habits!

This challenge planner is sooooo good, and the article I read explains everything perfectly.  This will help me make new habits that help me become a better person. I’m excited to get started.
Shirley K

So Many Topics!

There are so many topics in this planner!  It’s wonderful!  Thank you Sassy Sister Stuff!
Carol S

Completely Unique Concept!

I have seen dozens of planners and there’s one common problem with them. They all come as a template. But this is a completely unique concept where Susan has curated activities based on certain feelings that you go through after completing these tasks. So far, it’s a great thing to have if you are working on setting morning routines in life.
Rajan Arora

Best Challenges for Growth!

This is the most comprehensive collection of personal growth challenges I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to start working through the book to help me develop new habits!
Karen B

Simple Suggestions in the Best Way!

Susan has designed an amazing, easy-to-use planner that inspires personal growth and development every day!   Looking for motivation?  There’s a page for that.  Wellness or gratitude?  There are easy tasks to build those too. These pages are easy to follow, giving simple suggestions to help you achieve your personal growth goals.
Tianne E

The areas covered in this planner are:  

These kinds of challenges are a highly effective, simple way to help you make positive changes along your journey of self-improvement.

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